Energybending - A Comparison (Part 2)

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We now have more evidence that Amon’s energybending is fake.

To me it looks more and more as if he is trying to recreate it from stories he has heard or read.

When he takes away Tahno’s bending we can very clearly see that there is no spiritual energy glow, neither on Tahno, nor on Amon.

Since said energy has gone no where it is safe to assume that it got locked in, not taken away.

Note how this time Amon does not touch the back of the neck.

I am sticking with my previous theory that Amon is using the Ajna chakra:

Yintang Acupuncture Point 

Location: Midway between the medial ends of the eyebrows  Actions& Effects:
  • Calms the spirit - insomnia, anxiety, stress.
  • Frontal headache.
  • Sinus issues - congestion, sinusitis.

When Uncle is teaching Zuko about lightning, he talks about bending needing a certain amount of inner calm. So, if you were to close that chakra and lock all the anxiety inside someone, making them incapable of being calm, that would effectively take someone’s bending away.

Quite clever actually, since the more terrified they are/become the more permanent this block will be. And Amon is sure laying it on thick.


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