Let’s play Rorschach

Who else noticed that the way the crowd was standing kinda looked deliberate?

1. Things I can see: A communist star :D

2. Vaguely Korean writing

Anyone out there reading this blog who can speak Korean? Does it say anything?

Apparently it is not. Sadness. I was hoping for a dorky/funny note from the animators XD


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  7. lapiccolacoccinella said: It also looks vaguely Cyrillic, but I doubt that’s the case. Just a coincidence, I guess.
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  9. splinteredshard said: The reason it looks like deliberately placed blocks is that the groups of the crowd are copy-pasted. Look closely and you’ll see it.
  10. jinglan said: I can read Korean; it doesn’t look like anything to me. :(
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  13. mootiness said: doesn’t look very significant
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