LOK continues to parallel Chinese history i.e. we have now reached the beginning of the Chinese Civil War.

In episode eight we see a curfew being put in place for non-benders, as well as any association with Equalists being made into a punishable offense. Further, normal citizens are being rounded up under the excuse of them being potential Equalists.

Tarrlok’s actions split the City Council (plus Avatar) into two groups, those pro and those against the strict handling of the Equalist situation.

As I have pointed out before: The Equalists parallel the Communists, while the Task Force parallels the Kuomintang. Click me!

Now this is what happened in real life (it parallels rather well):

The April 12 Incident of 1927 refers to the violent suppression of Chinese Communist Party organizations in Shanghai by the military forces of Chiang Kai-shek and conservative factions in the Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party).

Following the incident, conservative KMT elements carried out a full-scale purge of Communists in all areas under their control, and even more violent suppressions occurred in cities such as Guangzhou and Changsha.

The purge led to an open split between KMT left and right wings, with Chiang Kai-shek establishing himself as the leader of the right wing at Nanjing in opposition to the original left-wing KMT government in Wuhan.

Will we get to see a full-scale civil war? Is the EK Russia in this scenario?


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