Can we please stop comparing the LOK/ATLA situations to the Nazis or the Holocaust.

1. Not all political fights are about the Nazis. Believe it or not, there are other harmful ideologies out there.

2. Not every genocide is the Holocaust. Not all genocides were committed the same way or for the same reasons. The Nazis are not the only ones who ever rounded up people. These incidences are not interchangeable.

3. ATLA/LOK is not set in Europe.

4. The details of the political scenario/situation do not match.

Making these false comparisons to the Nazis is offensive. What you are doing is erasing the history and the suffering of other people and nations.

Please stop.

Genocides in history: Click to read

Edit: I am NOT saying that you cannot make comparisons to real history. I AM saying that false and lazy comparisons are wrong.

I am all for pointing out real world comparisons where they fit i.e. that is what this blog is about.


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    A powerful and charismatic leader blames complex social problems on a powerful minority group, and uses force to oppress...
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    Can we please stop comparing the LOK/ATLA situations to the Nazis or the Holocaust. 1. Not all political fights are...
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    I think it’s first instinct, for Americans at least, to compare to Nazis because it’s the only thing taught to them....
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    I’m just seeing recent history with you the detaining people illegally because of the act of a few “terrorists”. ect… .
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    Europe is not the beginning nor end of all things people.
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