The Missing Plot: Amon’s Platform

Why do thousands of people join him, civilians take up arms for his cause, what is the fodder that incites this civil war?

All we get in 12 episodes is that the non-benders feel oppressed, but we never get a concrete example, but for after the fact when Tarrlok starts rounding up Equalist supporters.

Edited to say: Background information is not the same as getting told by a member/ one a flyer/ the newspaper etc.

We can ASSUME a lot of things, but we never get verification on them other then Sato’s specific motives to join. Assuming is not fact, or even potentially right.

What the show fails to do is to DIRECTLY tell us why Li Average i.e. normal non-benders without personal tragedies, join the Equalists.


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    Number 1 is the only thing I disagree with you on (slightly). Pro-bending isn’t oppression, but it still has to suck...
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