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One time at 3am I suddenly woke up and a stupid idea came to me and kept me awake.. So here it is… All vocals by me. I don’t know what I was thinking

Zuko Rhapsody
Based on Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
I got my face fried and dishonored my family
Scar on my eye, look up to the skies and weep
I’m such a poor boy, lightning come strike at me
Do you see how fast my hair has grown?
Where did my Mama go?
Anywhere we may go, have life changing field trips with me, with me

Mama just killed a man
For the crown on daddy’s head
Before you know it, Grandpa’s dead
Mama, don’t know where you’ve gone
But now my sister’s goin’ all cray cray
Mama ooh, didn’t mean to make her cry
But she needs to go down, said Uncle Iroh
Carry on, carry on, for I will regain my honor

Tui was killed by Zhao
Azula struck Aang on his spine
Now I’ve come to realize
Goodbye Fire Daddy, I’ve got to go
Ask myself why I’m so bad at being good
Mama ooh (I’ll regain my honor)
The scar’s not on the wrong side
I wish I’ve never seen that bad play at all…

I got a ponytail and I am stalking Aang
I’m a douche, I’m a douche, capture him for my honor
Thunderbolts and lightning blowing up in front of me!
Uncle Iroh, Uncle Iroh, Uncle Iroh, Uncle Iroh,
Uncle Iroh, Tsungi horn,
Oh honor, oh oh oh oh
I’m such a poor boy, Daddy don’t love me
He’s such a poor boy, Where is his Mommy?
Saved his life from Ozai’s monstrosity

See how fast my hair has grown, where did mama go?
Azula knows! Where did our Mama go? Where’d she go?
Azula! Where did our Mama go? Where’d she go?
Azula! Where did our Mama go? Where’d she go?
Where did Mama go? Where’d she go? 
Where did Mama go?
Zuko, Zuko, play the Tsungi horn, oh oh oh oh
Oh Mama Ursa, Mama Ursa, Mama Ursa, where’d you go?
Who the heck’s Hasook? Why does my grandson sound just like me?
Like me? Like meeeeeeeeeeee…

So you think you can kill me in an Agni Kai?
Yo, Katara’s my homie, she won’t let me die!
Oh buddy lost his girl,
That’s rough, buddy
Watch the pretty clouds, watch the pretty clouds way up here…

Oooooh, ooh yeah, ooh yeah
I’ll regain my honor, I’m good now, can you see?
Have life changing field trips, have life changing field trips with me…
I’ll regain my honor


As a huge fan of both atla and Queen, I couldn’t not reblog this! AWESOMENESS

OMG this made me gigglesnort so hard. Great job!

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Legend of Korra: Pai-Sho

Play the ancient game of Pai Sho and see if you can be the reigning champion. Remember Uncle Iroh’s words—Pai Sho is more than just a game.

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the world of avatar

full size map (3600x1844)

This is really cool :D

Feels like, though, as if there’s a missing continent, or the planet needs to be smaller. Would explain their ability to jump 5 feet straight up if it were. LOL low gravity XD

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march 29th

so far away

and yet

so close

wait so does this mean Korra is not coming out in April?! :(

It probably means it’ll come out mid/end of April? Last year when Korra came out I’m pretty sure the release date/official trailer was released early/mid March and we got the first two episodes the end of March because of that contest, but it didn’t officially come out until April 14th.

So my guess is end of April. 

Mixed feelings. So many mixed feelings ):(

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The Southern Air Temple - Longmen Grottos

At the Southern Air Temple we see, at the airball field, window-like structures carved into the mountain. Those windows are not part of a housing complex, they contain Buddha statues and are a reference to the Longmen Grottoes in Henan province, continuing the Air Nomads — Buddhist Monks parallel. 

The Longmen Grottoes  龙门石窟 (Dragon’s Gate Grottoes) are one of the finest examples of Chinese Buddhist art and listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are as many as 100,000 statues within the 1,400 caves, ranging from an 1 inch (25 mm) to 57 feet (17 m) in height. The area also contains nearly 2,500 stelae and inscriptions, whence the name “Forest of Ancient Stelae”, as well as over sixty Buddhist pagodas.

Also: Another dragon joke.


EDIT: Hiroshi Sato’s character design was definitely very deliberately inspired by and modeled after Theodore Roosevelt, but also this guy, Goto Keita, a Japanese industrialist who seemed to have the same stylist as Teddy.

2ND EDIT: Oh yeah! And this guy’s stache.

Not Ford.

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toilet waterfall

The wall, named “toilet waterfall”, was created by Wei Hua, a ceramist and professor with Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Wei said he made the wall as a gift for his future wife with 6,000 roses in the toilets in the shape of a heart.

Would you marry this guy??

Yeah, would you?

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